What are UK Stairlifts and how do they work?

Stairlifts are mechanical devices that make moving up and down the stairs much easy for people with reduced mobility. A track is fixed to the threads of the stairs and the mechanical chair is attached. The track and seat are the major hardware components of a Stairlift.

1.The Stairlift Track
Tracks are a very important part of the Stairlift make-up. Basically, there is no Stairlift without a track, which is also known as the rails. There is the availability of different types of tracks to suit each staircase style. Stairlift tracks have been developed to blend right into your home decor.

2. The Stairlift Chair
The seats of a Stairlift are just as important as the tracks and even more. This is the part of the device the user will interact with the most. Seats have been customized into different sizes and textures that create a range of options to be chosen from. Some seats also possess armrests and headrests.

Chair Speed
Stairlifts do not go at a unnecessarily disorienting speed. It takes an average of a minute to get from the top of the stairs to the bottom with a Stairlift. This reduces the possibilities of dizziness, disorientation or accidents from using the Stairlifts.

Types of Stairlifts
1. Straight Stairlifts: These are used for straight staircases that have no corners or turns.

2. Curved Stairlifts: These Stairlifts are specially designed for curved, cornered or spiral staircases. The tracks for the curved Stairlifts are not structured or fitted as simply as the straight Stairlift tracks are.

3. Outdoor Stairlifts: These Stairlifts are used outdoors, as the name implies. They are built to be much resistant to weather conditions such as rain, dew, light snow or heat.

5 “Ifs” that mean You Need to Rent a Stairlift
1. If you live in a storey building and you use a wheelchair.
2. If you are above the age of 60 and find it difficult taking the stairs.
3. If you are a rheumatic or athristic patient.
4. If you have difficulty breathing after taking the stairs.
5. If you are recovering from an accident that hinders easy mobility.

Advantages of Renting a Stairlift
Renting a Stairlift is more affordable than buying and installing a brand new Stairlift.
Renting a Stairlift could be short term, in the event you have a temporary health challenge and only require the stairlift for a short period of time.
When you rent a Stairlift you have access to more options compared to the restrictions cost implications suggest when buying a new one.
You can spread your Stairlift rental payments more conviniently compared to a payment plan for a new Stairlift.

Rental Pricing
When renting a Stairlift, you have only to pay a little upfront installation fee. This fee ranges between £450 and £900. Alongside the installation fee, you would be subscribing to pay a regular rental rate.
Hence, instead of paying a huge sum upfront to purchase a new Stairlift, you would be paying a fixed sum on a weekly or monthly basis for the length of your rental contract with the stairlift rental company or supplier.

Stairlifts give back to you the independence your body won’t allow you. If you arrange to get a free quotation, a surveyor would visit your home to give you first-hand advice on how best to begin you Stairlift rental plan.