Breaking News: ICAD Summit together with AAFITN2014 meetings

Dear delegates,

We are very glad and honored to announce that the ICAD (Intra-Cranial Atherosclerotic Diseases) Summit will be held together with AAFITN 2014 Meetings. This is the 3rd ICAD Summit, and it will be organized at Furama Resort area on March 25th, 2014, just before our AAFITN 2014 Meeting. The objects of this summit will be:

  1. Asia user meeting to share the experience and best practices among physicians across various countries.
  2. Discussion between INRs and neurologists: Medical Therapy or Stenting, SAMMPRIS result and real clinical practice in ASIA and others countries.
  3. Establish treatment protocol of intracranial arterial stenosis and indication of angioplasty, and stenting.

Registration for this summit will be completely free for up to 200 attendees. Any experience-sharing concerning the ICAD will be most welcomed.

We hope that you can arrange your time for one more day to join this summit just before our AAFITN 2014 Meetings. Your attendance is the most important part for the summit and AAFITN 2014 meeting’s success.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank STRYKER Company for the Special Sole Sponsor of this ICAD Summit!

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